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Waka Tuna 2.0

geschrieben am 17.04.16 von Marius

Liebe Waka-Fans

Bald erscheint der neue Waka Tuna 2.0!

Evan Garcia hat ihn schon einmal getestet, untenstehend seine Einschätzungen:

Just paddled the 2016 Tuna 2.0 for the first time…Here are my first impressions along with a video showing some lines and fun times this morning! Stoked to get these boat in North America ASAP!!!!!!


The tail is longer and feels much solid and reliable than the old stern. However you can still get on edge and throw a hard boof while burying it and lifting the bow high to stay on top of every feature…I love that move and glad this boat is still super efficient in that zone. The longer stern also allows you to hold a straight line easier than the old boat…(I had a hard time learning to race the old Tuna because it just loved to turn side to side with no effort) This boat is still easy to turn but the extra length allows you to lock in a fast and direct line! Stern rocker is similar but seems to start a bit further back to allow more hull in the water, making the kayak faster! I think after my first run my favorite part of the kayak is the “STERN” which sounds weird, but for me is super important!

Edges – Hull:

The hull looks and feels a lot like the old Tuna which is awesome because we’re not straying far from a design that we all know works and feels so good!

What I did notice about this boat especially jumping into it right away without outfitting or anything, was that it’s more forgiving than the old boat. The edges don’t grab as much as the 1st Tuna…I can remember very clearly feeling some catches skipping out of features in my first week in the 1st Tuna…I had none today. The bow and front of the kayak have less edge making the boat have a friendly feeling coming through hard curlers, landing on boils, skipping out of holes, and coming into powerful eddies. Felt very nice!


So this is the biggest change from the 1st Tuna. The Bow looks different…People have been already saying…”It looks like a Jackson!” This is because they took those sexy Tuna lines off the deck and smoothed things out to a rounder surface. Waka’s idea with this is to save weight in unnecessary plastic. Do I wish I still had those lines showing me which way to go down the river and look good AF while doing it…”Yes”, but the lines don’t do anything so I can’t complain.

Bow rocker seem comprable, but not quite as aggressive, which will have its pros and cons…I think this boat will be better off high drops and we won’t get as much “Tuna effect” upon landing which is good for my back and ribs! Still feels effortless to keep the bow over anything which is what the Tuna is famous for in the first place. The boat feels bigger than the O.G. Tuna for sure…which will open the doors for bigger paddlers to feel stoked on this design for missions and everything! I liked how the bow resurfaced in the new boat. The Old Tuna loved to kick way back on the stern and blast almost Simi-vertical out of big holes and the base of some drops…THE WAKA BRAPPPP…(which i love and feels amazing) This boat likes to stick more to the water and fly out low and fast. Landing on both Spirit and Wishbone today I felt speed I haven’t gotten since the Remix days. It was sick!


So this is another place where this boat is pushing the boundaries of the kayak industry. The kayak weighs 18kg…Over 10 pounds lighter than a Dagger Mamba! This is so sick because the boat just wants to follow you down the river. Making moves and moving the kayak seems effortless! Picking this boat up and walking to and from the river is a joke! Glad to see this progression in the market.

The seat is fixed in place and seems to be the same as the old waka seat…maybe lighter, but I need to check it out closer…Not sure how the fixed position will effect super tall paddlers? but it’s good for me at 6.1” This also means no holes on the cockpit…less leaks, less broken seats ETC!

The new knee hooks are super aggressive! Which is awesome for day to day session kayaking…but when you’re pushing your limits it maybe a bit scary to squeeze out of…but there is a super easy fix….they made them so they can be cut to your preference. And they saved more than a Kilogram (2.2lbs) on not having the old system in there. It’s simple, comfy, bomber, and weightless! New backhand is much better and feels so much better…it attaches directly to the ratchet system going through the knee hooks and saves a lot of complex outfitting jazz. Same overly solid pillar system bolted (But on the inside to save holes in the shell)

These are all just super primary thoughts and feelings on the boat! I’ve only done one lap on the LW, but I was impressed and stoked with the design and style of the boat. It’s so fast…which is awesome because you just feel like you’re crushing everything with style and speed! I will get out there as much as I can in the next few days so I will have more info going up soon as! The HYPE is real!

-Evan Garcia